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Guy Rogers & Associates is an independent market research, database development  and online research business specialising in B2B and Industrial markets.  Most work is undertaken in Engineering, Steel, Energy, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Automotive, Construction, ICT (the 4th Industrial Revolution) and the supply chain within these sectors.


High quality work - flexible and cost-effective approach, within timescale.  Overheads are minimal, therefore keeping costs low.  


The marketing mix - your marketing strategy and approach

  • In today's challenging environment a flexible approach to multi channel marketing is essential.
  • Your marketing systems may include several elements of the marketing mix - direct sales, online sales, digital marketing & social media, advertising, PR, networking, telemarketing, direct mail, search engine optimisation (SEO), webinars, exhibitions, distribution channels, amongst many other channels.
  • GRA always takes a flexible approach, adapted to your organisation's needs, and provides creative input to support your business, marketing strategy and systems. The service complements and enhances the other elements of your marketing mix.
  • Industry 4.0 - The 4th Industrial Revolution.   Technology is revolutionizing all areas of our working environment including marketing.  Digital technologies eg Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, VR/AR are developing rapidly and providing great opportunities to evaluate customer experience and trends.
  • The emphasis is on keeping methods simple and results clear - taking into account the implementation issues for your business.
  • GRA operates in compliance with GDPR Legislation.  




Growth opportunities, developing markets & organisations - understanding the supply chain to research and create new opportunities.


Many factors create market growth and opportunity  - new export opportunities, developing global markets, technology & innovation, socio-demographic factors, changing trends, even competitors leaving the market.


There are currently numerous examples of high growth in global manufacturing and service sectors, with key organisations often leading development through their respective supply chains.

GRA has a strong awareness of supply chains and thrives on targeting new opportunities, researching and identifying growth sectors and the organisations right through the supply chain, and in particular locating the correct decision-makers in prospective customers and leading organisations with high growth potential.


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