Logistics / Transport / Supply Chain


Many projects have been undertaken in Logistics, Transportation, Materials Handling Equipment and Supply Chain Technology.  Research, prospecting and marketing projects have been carried out across many fields in the UK and overseas.

An extensive database is built up and constantly updated covering sub-sectors such as transport, 3PL's, distribution and haulage companies, ports, terminal operators, multimodal, airports, infrastructure and equipment suppliers, wms/supply chain systems providers, specifiers and users.


Ports - Developments, Opportunities and Supply Chain


As global trade increases, there are major developments at ports in the UK and overseas - providing opportunities for manufacturers, materials handling and dockside equipment, marine services and transportation & freight-forwarding software & IT.


Information is continuously updated on port authorities, terminal operators, major logistics and distribution organisations, infrastructure projects, port centric and multimodal logistics and other issues which may benefit the supply chain. 


Growth in the Energy sector and implications for Ports - there is also high growth in specific offshore sectors/areas, including wind farms and renewables. This is providing new opportunites for a wide range of manufacturers, subsea and marine services as key ports develop facilities, networks and capabilities to support new energy sites.





Recent Logistics Projects


  • Track & Trace Hardware - Market Opportunities Research
  • WMS - Research & Customer Profiling
  • Conveyors - 3PL's/Postal & DC's - Research &
  • Fleet Management - Research & Database Development
  • Vertical Storage Carousels - Customer Profiling & Research
  • WMS - Market Trends Analysis
  • Port Handling Equipment - Customer Profiling & Research
  • Airport - Cargo Opportunities
  • Freight Forwarding Software - Product Development Research
  • Manufacturing Datacapture - Customer Profiling & Research
  • Field Service / Parts Stock Control - Database Devleopment
  • National Courier Service - Advertising / Promotion Strategy
  • Small Parcels & Document Courier Service - Customer Service Research


Information Sources


A wide range of external sources are used to elicit information on companies, contacts, decision-makers, market trends and developments in the transportation & logistics sector, aswell as offshore logistics; journals, databases, online, exhibitions.  The lead consultant is experienced in undertaking prospecting and interviewing work in many areas both in the UK and internationally in this globalised environment.



Professional Membership


Full Membership of Chatered Institute of Logistics & Transport




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