Research - Online Community

  • Currently, there is high growth in online research.  GRA specialises in qualitative research amongst the transport & logistics, energy and education communities.


  • New product development and customer satisfaction –  Online research provides a great opportunity to develop ongoing collaboration, interaction and customer understanding – it is particularly beneficial in developing new products and evaluating customer satisfaction. Online research methods are a great way to communicate with your community, customers, potential partners and suppliers. Surveys can also be integrated into the planning process very cost effectively. One can build communities and expand networks.


  • Online techniques and methodologies include, amongst others;  Online Surveys, Omnibus Surveys, Focus Groups, Online Forums and Bulletin Boards.


Market Sectors / Online Communities


  • Road, Rail, Aviation, Maritime
  • Energy, Renewables
  • Education and Training
  • Logistics & transportation companies, customers and the supply chain
  • Decision-makers, procurement, influencers and interest groups
  • Manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers
  • Social media – specialist industry groups, trade associations and industry forums


Skillsets and Project Planning


Moderation skills – focus group, forum and bulletin board moderators require a combination of tact, flexibility and a firm approach.

Mobile friendly

Bulletin boards – ease of use and setting up,  low cost, need for multiple ways to post, organise content – filtering, sorting & searches.

Online Forums - state-of-the-art forums – specific logistics and professional communities / energy sectors and interest groups

  • Scalable
  • Simple administration
  • Easy Navigation – navigation trees, recent threads, bookmarks, advanced searches, themes, categories and sub-categories, news feeds
  • Strong moderation required – forum moderation often requires tact and a delicate approach – range of powerful tools to add structure to the forum – forum clean up, member warnings, flood control, report & move posts, post editing, remove threads & posts


Online Surveys - scalable in terms of costs, survey size, responses and complexity of the online survey – basic questionnaires upto a certain number of questions and respondents are often at very low cost and additional costs are incurred as the survey structure becomes more complex.

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