ICT - Research and Lead Creation (Industry 4.0 Technology Evolution)

GRA has experience in hardware and software markets.  In recent years the majority of work has been in distribution, warehousing, supply chain, field service and asset management applications. 

Manufacturing, Supply Chain & IT research is increasingly intertwined as the era of Industry 4.0 evolves and connectivity increases.   


Industry 4.0 - The 4th Industrial Revolution   Technology is revolutionizing our working environment, infrastructure and society generally.  Information Technology and Operations Technology are morphing together as Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Robotics & the Internet of Things (IoT) develop and integrate into legacy systems across all industries.


Connectivity and the 'cloud' are at the core of infrastructure.  Cybersecurity is essential in this changing world.  GRA constantly keeps updated on Industry 4.0 trends which are evolving daily!


GRA looks forward to undertaking research in areas such as; Driverless Vehicles, UAVs/Drone Tech, Connected Cars, 3D Printing, Supply Chain Technology, Robotics in Manufacturing & Distribution, Smart Cities & Smart Energy - strategies for success and implications for all of us.


Decision-Makers, Social Media & Databases    An extensive database of IT decision-makers and specifiers is constantly updated - the database covers UK manufacturing, distribution and service organisations. It is segmented by industrial sector, organisation size, installed (ERP) systems etc and includes evolving skills areas such as Datascience, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain & IoT.


  • Industrial Control Equipment - Customer Audit and Benchmarking
  • Handheld Computers - Product Development Research
  • Manufacturing Shopfloor Datacapture - Prospecting and Research
  • GPS - Desk Research and Telephone Interviews
  • Process Control - Customer Satisfaction Research
  • IoT Sensors & Devices in Manufacturing


Supply Chain / Logistics

  • Build to Order (B2O) Software - Research and Prospecting
  • Distribution & Logistics - Tracking & Traceability - Research & Prospecting
  • Software for Air Cargo and Freight Forwarding - Product Develpment
  • WMS - Customer Profiling & Research
  • Fleet Management / Maintenance Systems - Research and Database Development
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Analytics In Shipping
  • Blockchain Case Studies & Applications in Supply Chain


Field Service / Asset Management

  • Handheld, Tablet, Portable Computer Applications - Field Service Applications Research
  • GPS - Desk Research and Telephone Interviews
  • GIS - Applications Research
  • Handheld Applications - Utilities, Geotechnical, Transportation, Local Government, Surveying - Research and Profiling


Smart City / Tech & Other ICT Projects

  • Clean City Transportation - Case Studies & Developments (Innnovators) Driverless Pods,  RTS, Trams, Park & Ride, Pedestrianisation / Cycling, Urban Aviation / Taxi, Financial Incentives / deterrents, Investment Options and Decision-making
  • Traffic Control Developments and Smart Technology for Municiplaities
  • In-flight Telecoms for Air Passengers - Desk Research
  • Voip - Desk Research / Market Development
  • Educational Software - Desk Research / Market Development 
  • Internet Online Retail Market Trends - Desk & Online Research
  • Unified Communications - Desk Research / Market Development
  • Local Authority Software - Customer Service Research
  • Information Database for Training Courses - Product Development


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