Market Segmentation / Sampling


Market Segmentation is the most important tool in B2B and Industrial Marketing.  It is essential to ensure that research samples and sub-segments are representative not just of the population or market size but also that they represent the specific opportunity and return on investment for the client company. 


Each market segment may need to be defined in terms of regional market sizes, demographics, specific product demand, customer needs and profiles.


Desk Research and Online Research Skills are essential in obtaining the correct sample sizes and composition of the sample with regard to organisations, user sectors, decision-makers and channels to market.

  • Extensive database - well segmented / filters - continuously updated
  • Use research & segmentation skills to enhance accurate sampling - and provide guidance for strategy
  • Pareto 80/20 approach if required
  • Senior and department/function decision-makers
  • Large and medium-sized companies, comprehensive coverage of specific sectors
  • Manufacturing, operations, procurement, service management, engineering, R&D and maintenance decision-makers
  • Strong coverage of many 'hard to target' audiences
  • OEM's, aswell as vertical supply chains & specifiers
  • International, National and Regional segmentation

Sectors knowledge & Expertise


Sectors (areas of strength) include - 3PL/Transport/Fulfillment, Energy, Renewables, Utilities, Recycling, Environmental, Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Marine, Engineering, Construction, Building Materials, HVAC, Facilities Management, Paper & Board, Packaging, Print/Publishing, Machinery, Machine Tools, Consumer Electronics, Domestic Appliances, Materials Handling, Food, Retail and Wholesalers.


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Decision makers


Extensive knowledge of UK corporate organisations, structures, sourcing and decision-making procedures (obtained through constantly updating the database on projects) - benefits in increasing effectiveness, value added and profitability of marketing support.

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