International Research

Although a small independent research business, GRA has much experience in conducting research & business development projects in European, Asian, Latin and North American markets.


  • Overseas based associates or UK based resources are used as necessary, cost-effective and practical.
  • Multi-lingual associates and nationals in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America.
  • Translation - relationships have been established with technical translation companies specialising in the industrial and technology field.
  • English Language Tuition and Support - Senior Consultant is CELTA qualified - Teaching English for Special Purposes (Industrial and Manufacturing Markets) & Business English, IELTS - Assistance with communications, literature & marketing support.
  • The lead consultant has extensive experience in using UK & European Union based information sources to explore overseas markets, sectors and organisations - work has often been conducted for larger research organisations on a subcontract basis.
  • Data sources include Export Inelligence Library, City Business Library, International Databases, Reports, UK Library System, Universities, Trade Associations and International Chambers of Commerce amongst many others. The lead consultant uses London, West Midlands and Dublin (EU) locations to access business databases and information.
  • Skills in identifying partnership and collaboration opportunites between companies, particularly in vertical markets/channels eg software.
  • Overseas exhibitions and trade shows, particularly in the Engineering, Steel, Manufacturing and Logistics sectors.
  • Skills to assist with evaluation and selection of suitable business partners for joint venture - technology transfer - licensing - distribution - vertical channels.




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