Online / Desk Research


GRA is adept in undertaking online / desk research from a diverse range of sources.  Internet / desk research is often a stand alone service, however it is often an essential basis for more in-depth projects (and is usually integrated into all work anyway), whether to plan sample sizes and segmentation, provide background information or to assist in strategic planning and targeting specific market sectors.


Online and database research is a key strength of GRA.  There is no point in spending a large amount  of the budget on interviewing programmes when much of the information is already there and can be supplemented with brief telephone discussions at a fraction of the cost.


GRA is very experienced at undertaking ' nitty gritty' research using both online and traditional desk research methods - and combining these skills with telephone interviews, taking a flexible and adaptable approach. 

Information & Sources


Information sources may include; trade data, trade associations, research reports, universities and business libraries, corporate and industrial directories, online databases and lists, publishing archives, company websites, local authority planning information, amongst many others.  Information elicited may include;


General / Market Background

- National and regional data

- Industrial sector profiles

- Demographic data

- Trade data/trends


Market Size and Segmentation

- Industry trends and statistics

- Market Segmentation (eg geographical, product category, end users)

- Import and export information



- Market trends

- Product developments

- Channels, distribution and specification



- Manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers

- Channels of distribution

- Supply Chain & Logistics



- Competitors

- Market shares

- Pricing analysis

- Competitor products and brochures



- Customers & potential users/specifiers

- Segmentation

- Financial Profiles

- Contact data, key personnel and decision-makers


Regulations and Legislation

- Government Policy

- EC legislation and directives

- Tarriffs



Information Sources - examples and locations of the many sources used by the lead consultant are highlighted here. 





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